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Elder Abuse & Neglect


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Discovering that your loved one has become the victim of elder abuse can be devastating and embarrassing to both elders and their families. Unfortunately, as more and more baby boomers have become senior citizens, there has been an increase in the instances of elder abuse. Elder abuse encompasses a broad range of conduct including physical harm, neglect, nursing home negligence, manipulation, verbal abuse, trickery, deceit or financial exploitation. Many times abuses are very close to elders, either being relatives, neighbors or caretakers. The Harvey & Baker, P.C. Law Firm advocates on behalf of elders and their families where there has been exploitation of elders.

While physical abuse is usually easier to identify, emotional and financial abuse can be more difficult to perceive. Indicators of emotional and financial abuse include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A caregiver discouraging contact with family or friends
  • Paranoid behavior on the part of the elder
  • Unusual banking activity
  • An elder requesting  money or account information for an unusual or undisclosed reason
  • A sudden transfer of assets
  • Sudden difficulty paying bills or buying necessities
  • A sudden desire to move or sell assets
  • Sudden estate planning by writing a will or creating a trust or signing a deed
  • A sudden interest in a new friend or romantic interest sometimes significantly younger
  • Sudden change in medical condition
  • An elder signing up for multiple credit cards





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Although Illinois passed the Illinois Elder Abuse and Neglect Act in 1988 which helps law enforcement and social workers better respond to elder abuse, it is still sometimes difficult to obtain relief from law enforcement due to the complex relationships and manipulation that oftentimes exist between an elder and their abuser. The Harvey & Baker, P.C. Law Firm stands up to abusers and calls them to account for their actions in a civil case. In cases of intentional fraud we may request punitive damages and reimbursement for attorneys’ fees.

We specialize in litigating in the area of elder exploitation. If you suspect your loved one has been the victim of elder abuse, contact our office. We offer a comprehensive approach to stopping elder abuse which often includes not only making the abuser answer for his or her actions but also includes helping families strategize to prevent further abuse. This can involve helping families obtain guardianship where an elder is no longer able to competently manage his or her financial and personal affairs. Once a guardianship is established, with the Court’s permission, a guardian has enormous powers to help a loved one be both physically and financially secure.

No single approach is right for everyone. We specialize in tailoring an approach to an elder’s individual needs to promote physical and financial security.

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